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In June, Paraty revives with the celebration of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi in Paraty

"Corpus Christi" is a Latin expression meaning "Body of Christ" and it is mobile festivity in the Catholic Church calendar: it is held on the first Thursday following the Holy Trinity Sunday that happens after Pentecost. For Catholics, this fest celebrates the real and substantial presence of Christ in the Eucharist.


Corpus Christi 2014 is on June 19th.


The origin of the Solemnity of the Body and the Blood of Christ dates from the 13th century. In those days the Catholic Church felt the need to strengthen the real presence of Christ in the consecrated bread and therefore Pope Urbane IV established it on august 11th, 1264.

In many Brazilian cities it is customary to embellish the streets of the procession with lively coloured tapestries inspired in religious motifs. The festivity is a live tradition in Brazil, specially in historic cities like Paraty. On these days, towns dress up in ancient and traditional practices, decorated following old local customs.

The main element of the Corpus Christi is the procession. During these dates the cobble stone streets of the Historic Centre of Paraty are decorated with beautiful tapestries made of coloured sawdust, pigments, lime, flowers, coffee grains and other materials.

The drawings on the tapestries are elaborated with the images of Jesus, the chalice and other Eucharistic motifs. In Paraty, which has been declared National Historic Monument, the Corpus Christi celebration is held with firm liturgical observance.


The religious commemorations of Corpus Christi in Paraty on June 19th include, besides the Traditional Sawdust Tapestries, the celebration of the Holy Mass, at 5 pm, at the Church of our Lady of Rosary and Saint Benedict, from which, the procession though the Historic Centre leaves as soon as the Mass ends. You can ask for more detailed information at the Parish Office: Phone (24) 3371- 1467.

Accommodation Packages Corpus Christi in Paraty

The Corpus Christi holiday, on June 19th offers endless trips and packages alternatives; it is a four day holiday perfecto to come to Paraty to rest. Paraty is a perfect destination for the warm Brazilian winter, providing both cultural attractions and a peaceful environment to rest.

Traditional Corpus Christi Sawdust Tapestries

If you cannot make it to Paraty to enjoy the celebration, the House of Culture in Paraty, locate in a historic 18th century manor house, has a permanent exhibition of local culture. The Indigenous Culture Hall boasts fine examples of the Corpus Christi tapestries made of sawdust and petals. The largest being more than 30 square metres. This tapestry is protected by a thick glass and visitors can walk over it as they enter the hall.

Other events in Paraty in June

But June in Paraty does not finish in the Corpus Christi. There is a Shrimp Festival at Arajo Island. This festival was created by the fishermen community to raise funds for their celebration of their patrons, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, at the end of the month. It is also the end of the shrimp season and an excellent opportunity to enjoy local dishes such as Camarao Casadinho, Shrimp Strogonoff and traditional Bob de Camarao.

Paraty Dance: The programme includes presentations of professional dance companies, workshops, shows and a dance contest.

Finally, from June 25th to July 4th is Saint Peter and Saint Paul?s Celebration at Arajo Island.

Enjoy a warm winter in colonial Paraty with all the cultural activities Paraty has to offer!

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Orlando Carpinelli, 3 - Pontal, Paraty, RJ - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil