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Events in Paraty 2009

Paraty Events Calendar 2009 - Paraty Culture and Events

Events in Paraty 2009


folia_de_reis-3-311c01 to 20 - Folia de Reis (Religious Party): In Paraty, Folia de Reis starts December 8, day of Our Lady of Conception, and end January 20. During this period groups of guitar players and singers gather to recite traditional portuguese poetry that sing the birth of Jesus.

09 to 31 - Paraty Cultural: Paraty celebrates summer with live music and folklore.


01 - 05 - Carnival - Paraty boasts a lively street carnival with "blocos" (carnival groups) and masks galore. On Saturday of carnival, the traditional "bloco da lama" (block of the Mud), parades with almost 2000 participants.

21 - 24 - Paraty Cultural

28 - Anniversary of Paraty - 339th. Anniversary of Paraty: The Secretary of Tourism promotes several events on this date in commemoration of the town's birthday.


No scheduled activities.


05-12 Easter Paraty is a traditionally Catholic city, the celebration of Easter traditions kept dating from the XVII century.

05- Procissão do Fogaréu , one of the highlights of easter is the procession, the faithful walk through the streets with flashlights, street lights off, and sounds of bells that transport us to other times.

06 a 08  Festival of sea food


19 a 24- Gold Road Festival

22 a 31-Divino Espírito Santo festival



11 - Corpus Christi: The most important is the procession. The decoration of the Historic Centre streets are beatufill, made with mats of various materials such as sawdust colored pigments, lime, flowers, coffee powder, etc.

11 a 14  Shrimp Festival (Ilha do Araújo) This is a festival created to raise funds for the Feast of São Pedro and São Paulo, the patron saint of fishermen. It also marks the end of shrimp season. Gastronomic delights served at the event or at cost are: Casadinho Shrimp, Shrimp and Strogonoff traditional Bobo.

19 a 21-Shrimp Festival (Praia Grande)

26 a 28 Vl Paraty Dance: The program includes the presentation of professional dance groups, workshops, exhibitions and dance contest / competition shows.

26 a 30   S. Pedro y S. Paulo Party (Ilha do Araújo)


01 a 05- Paraty International Literary Festival - FLIP. During the party, national and foreign writers submit their books and theories to the public as well as participate in meetings reserved for discussions between the writers.

01 a 05 San Pedro y San Paulo Party

05- Maritime Procession of São Pedro y San Pablo

10 a 19- Santa Rita PartyAgoust


01 a 03 - Meeting Publicitarios Editors: Contest to stand out the talents of students of social communication, design and advertising and propaganda from all over Brazil.

01  Music Festival of Taritba

07 a 24 - Caiçara Meeting Culture: This event is to present aspects of local culture, along with the culture of the neighboring coastal cities, creating a network of interactions, seeking to safeguard the Caiçara culture.

20 a 23 - Pinga Festival (Cane Brandy): Established in the early eighties with the aim of rescuing and disclose paratiense product par excellence for over 300 years the three-day festival is one of the largest dedicated to the cane brandy in the country.

30 - Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Party


01 a 09- Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Party

10 a 14 - Paraty in Focus: International festival of photography with different workshops, exhibitions and samples.


03 a 05 - Offices Ideas - National Evangelical Event in Paraty: A literary event, centered on the Word of God, who has known internationally as Paraty city to study and favors the study of the Bible. Evangelical literary event with all the action revolves around the Word. Interviews with authors, analysis of text books, workshops on biblical translations, seminars on biblical themes, plays, stories counters, etc.

09a 12- II Internacional Cinema Festivalin Paraty

09-11- Ymaguaré: Myths and Legends - Native American Culture biblical themes, plays, stories counters, etc.



06 to 15 - Our Lady of Rosary and Saint Bennedict Celebration

20 to 22-Black Culture Meeting

8 ro 21 Spring Festival

26 to 29- Gastronomic Festival.



15- Opening Christmas

31- New Year: At 23:00 pm, tourists and residents go to Praia do Pontal, where yo can enjoy live music and a beautiful presentation of fireworks. The party continues until dawn!


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Main Events in Paraty

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