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Holy Spirit celebrations in Paraty

Discover the traditional Holy Spirit Festival in Paraty!

Fest of the Holy Spirit

The traditional Feast of the Holy Spirit is attributed to Queen Isabel of Portugal (1271 - 1336) and was brought to Brazil by the colonizers. In Paraty has been celebrated since the eighteenth century. The Feast of the Holy Spirit is done the day of Pentecost and is a tribute to the Third Person of the Trinity kicking off 10 days of great religious devotion and profane joy. Although the Feast of the Holy Spirit in Paraty has been transformed, has retained its religious characteristics of thanks and promises but also the pagan aspect of recreation and entertainment.

The feast of the Holy Spirit in Paraty is the most traditional of the country, despite the transforming action of the tempo and the integration of the city and its inhabitants with the culture of the great centers of Brazil.

The Feast of the Holy Spirit is one of the most important of the Catholic Church and the city of Paraty. This holiday celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus' disciples at Pentecost, 50 days after Easter.

The festival is an authentic relic of the ancient cultural history of Brazil. Few have their authenticity and beauty. The festival involves virtually the entire community: the organization of the party begins a year before implementation, coordinated by a "festeiro" chosen by the parish to conduct dozens of volunteers.

Festival of the Holy Spirit in Paraty

Catholics carrying red flags with the symbol of the Holy Spirit (a dove) go through all neighborhoods of the city in procession from the houses to the Main Church, where they are held for nine days, the litanies. The processions leave the streets every day for the celebration.

Since the colonial times, the Feast of the Holy Spirit in Paraty has become an event of unique beauty. The festival includes the presentation of pages, bands, litanies of novena, sung masses, clothes auctioning, dances, distribution of sweets to children, the coronation of the emperor and a great lunch on the eve of Pentecost, for all participants of the feast.

Activities of the Festa do Divino

On Saturday morning, meat is distributed to the poor as Isabel did 700 years ago. At noon, food and drink is distributed to the population. At night, in the Main Church, a teen community is crowned Emperor of the Holy Spirit.

The Emperor attends Mass with their "vassals" and refreshing tributes outside the church: the presentation of the Dance of the Ribbons of Xiba cateretê, the Dance of the old and folk dolls Paraty: the Ox, the horse, the Peneirinha and Miot - ou Minhota, originally from the Portuguese Minho.

The festeiro, the emperor, his court and other devotees carrying their flocks, give a tour of the city collecting donations and then go to mass. The tour continues on the conga (Marr Paia in Paraty). In the old prison, the emperor symbolically freed a prisoner. Finally, the last procession happens in the afternoon. Next is the ceremony where the festeiro Master will flag a new festeiro for the next Feast of the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday, the last day of the feast day of Pentecost, pays homage to the Holy Spirit appeared to the apostles of Christ in tongues of fire, fifty days after the Resurrection.

9:00. Festive procession leaves the house and leads Festeiro the Emperor, his subjects and the Honor Guard, moving through the streets of the city the symbol of the Holy Spirit to the Mother Church.

10:00. Solemn Mass commemorating the Day of Pentecost, led by the bishop of the region. During the ceremony, young people receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

A large firework show ends the celebration of the Fest of the Holy Spiritin Paraty.

Paraty accommodation Packages

Paraty Holiday Packages

  • Accommodation for 3 nights in rooms with ensuite bathrooms and A/C
  • Free Breakfast served at the beach! Free Wi-Fi + Lockers + Linen

  • Labor Day. May 1st.
  • Bourbon Jazz Festival Paraty. 10 - 12 of May
  • Corpus Christi. 20 - 23 of June.
  • Brazil's Independence. 7 - 9 de September.
  • Paraty em Foco. 18 - 22 of September.
  • MIMO Paraty. 4 - 6 of October.
  • Nossa Sra. Aparecida. 12 - 13 of October
  • Day of the dead. 2 - 3 of November.
  • Brazilian Republic Proclamation. 15 - 17 of November.
  • Black Awareness Encounter. 22 - 24 of November

Private Bedrooms (with A/C, TV, Frigobar, en suite)

- Private Single / Double / Couple: (R$1.236  -25%) = R$ 927 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Triple (3 beds): Price (R$1.469  -25%) = R$ 1.102 per room, for 3 nights
- Private Quadruple (4 beds): (R$1.704  -25%) = R$ 1.278 per room, for 3 nights

Shared Dorm with ensuite bathroom and A/C
- Dorm up to 6 beds: 3 nights for (R$339  -25%) = R$ 254
Dorm up to 9 beds: 3 nights for (R$233  -25%) = R$ 175

Paraty Holiday Packages

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